Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We are complete in Group 3!

I have good news, we are going to get the missing squares because Kathy is back after some problems!
I'm so happy she is well off and working again!



susan said...

yipee! the group effort is well worth the wait! is Kathy or Cathy? anyway, good health and happy sewing. take care, susan

Sara said...

This is Kathy now. We had Kathy, Cathy and Cathie, quite confusing! :-)

Waltraud said...

Thank you , Arlee!!

Clevelandgurlie said...

Yeah!!! You haven't sent any of the squares out yet have you Sara? Do you have an idea as to when they will be going out???

I can't wait!!!

Judy Scott said...

wonderful news I hope you are well Kathy and everything is alright with you love Judy xx