Thursday, March 22, 2007

From Cathy Group2

Thanks ladies for your responses. I am working as quickly as I can to finish these and get them sent out for you.

My fingers are still esp stiff in the morning but if I do my exercises, they will eventually loosen up and become somewhat more flexible. I never thought a broken pinky finger could cause so much trouble! I have threatened my dog if he does anything like that again! (:>)

But he's got himself in his own trouble. He caught his paw in our chain link fence, we think, and he has a deep cut on one of the pads of his paws. He looks so sad. He sits holding that paw up in the air and walks on 3 legs at times. So, I think maybe he's been paid back for what he did to me?

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Sara said...

Poor doggy! I know what it is when you break your finger. My mother broke it as a kid and she told me all her life the story each time she had to sew something and she couldn't hold the needle straight... I wish you a better recovery though!!
not all fingers are alike!:-)