Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dear Ladies of Group 2, I am so sorry that I don't have my blocks finished. It seems life got in the way of me remembering the due date. I have been working hard at my rehab of my fingers that were casted. I totally forgot the due date for this swap. I can't believe that I did but I am sorry. I will be happy to do my blocks and send them to you, if you will allow me a little more time. Sara proposed that I finish and send by the middle of April. If you are all agreeable with that I will make mine and send off so that you will have them as soon as possible in April. Please accept my apologies, I am so sorry, Cathy


Miss Frugality said...

Hi Cathy ,Glad to hear your fingers are on the mend!Thanks for letting us know your situation.I'm looking forward to receiving them in April :-)

Dotee said...

Hi Cathy

No problems at all. Hope your fingers heal quickly.

Take care