Saturday, February 17, 2007

Last but one art squares - Purple group 3

These are my art squares for the purple. I have loved working these as purple is one of my favourite colours. It is suprising what you can fit on to a one inch square. On these I have melted felt to make laddery type things, Used sequin waste (2types) to make pattern, layers of organza, buttons, beads, sequins, closed feather stitch, Kantha type stitching, Button hole, fly stitch, rolled a kind if organza bead, french knots and used the glue gun to make a heart encrusted with microbeads! Phew! I really love these, will be sorry to send them off, and am gutted that the next ones are my last. Only green to go. I want to do some more illustrative stuff on my last ones as I always seem to do textural instead!

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