Monday, February 12, 2007

Big problem with my computer!

Dear all,

i have a big problem, i cannot log into my own computer because something happened (too long to explain, all computer technique!).
Now I wanted to send the squares and noticed I cannot get into my old mails because they are in the problem zone.
Could you please send your addresses once more to ?

sorry for the inconvenience!!

best regards,



Clevelandgurlie said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara

This is ADATA, reporting for duty!
We finally got the digital camera, and have most of our sets ready. I have some photos to upload, but your invitatrion link to contribute to the blog has expired. I'm uploading the photos in flickr, and will add them to the blog as soon as I can.
In spite of the silence, we've been very excited about this project and I think the result isn't that bad....
Laura - ADATA