Monday, January 29, 2007

Red and gold squares - group 3 - Carol's

This is my work for the red and gold colour for group3. The scan is a bit poor sorry, as I did quite a lot on the surface. Hence the red is not strong on the picture, but it is in the flesh. I did the background by doing stamping in expanding medium onto acrylic felt. I then sprinkled it with gold embossing powder and blasted it with the heat gun. This expanded the medium, made the embossing powder gold and melted back the felt. I free mcained this onto a gold taffeta background and then embellished with stitch, charms, beads, brads and wire. Hope you like them Nina! Love Carol T


arlee said...

So dramatic and luxurious looking--very very Baroque! Wonderful--wish they were MINE :}

Sara said...

i love the texture of the background, I'm happy to be able to see them in flesh! :-)

Judy Scott said...

gorgeous detail Carol xxJx