Monday, January 1, 2007

making begins

well I hope you all enjoyed your new year's eve celebrations... I purposfully chose a quiet time and tidied up the work room ready for a new year of creativity. well actually i didn't get that far tidying as I got too involved in sorting out the projects i need to complete and got drawn into playing with small 1" squares of all things!!

Some of you have made a great start already with some of your colours completed. It seems that everyone is doing one colour at a time in a block so I decided to be pedantic and look for a different way of tackling them. I want to do some detailed machine work on the backgrounds but obviously can't work the machine over such a tiny individual surface, so i've decided.... leave them all stuck together. Yes all! Each one is worked on as an individual but I still have something to get hold of to move through the machine. Rather than a 3"x3" block of colour I've gone for a 1.5" strips all fused to a flat wadding and started building up the base layers of the background fabric. In this pic it's only fused work so far... to night I start to stitch :)) can't wait (grins) I want each one to be completely different by the time i've finished so it's going to mean an awful lot of spool changes eh!

(hehe this way too no one gets to see all their squares - 'cause i'm an awful tease)


zoqi1234 said...
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arlee said...

Great idea and SO much easier to handle!!!!

Sara said...

i came up with something similar... but i must begin with the work to see if it works! i can't put it into words yet because the idea is somehow
ambiguous... i'm rather ambiguous too at the moment!! :-)

Miss Frugality said...

Looking good so far!Happy stitching!

Gunnels blog said...

Yes, what a great idea!