Friday, January 5, 2007

Costs of the Swap information

I just noticed that I forgot to write the costs of the swap... this is a bad thing at this time of the project, but it's usual to pay for the costs of shipping and handling the whole thing and I think it's not too much.

I would say that the best possibility of paying the fee of 3€ is through Paypal Now I don't know how many of you have a Paypal account. I think that it's the safer and more usual way of paying in the web. You only have to sign in and have an account there and they can send money to every person in the world who has an email address (and an account). You can get the information on the site. In this case my Paypal address for sending the money is:

For the participants who are in the European Union, please contact me per email and I'll send them my IBAN and SWIF codes.

For the participants who are abroad and don't want to have Paypal the easier way is to put 5$ in the envelope and send them per mail together with the squares. I never had problems doing this.

You can also put 5€ in the envelope if you are from Europe and don't want to use the other possibilities.

Please send me an email asking for my address.


Gunnels blog said...

Do we sent all the pieces to you Sara?? Another idea is that I sent the pieces to the one who shall have it. EX. red-pink to Dianne, orange to Arlee etc????

Sara said...


this would be too expensive for all of you. it is usual that the host makes this job. you don't have to send yours though, you can keep them!

Gunnels blog said...



arlee said...

I wondered how you were going to do this initially! I'll probably have to do the $5 in the envelope as by the time Paypal gets finished.......i've never had good luck with them!

cathiejean said...

Hi Sara.
For group 3 - how many charms should we make? I thought I saw the number 7 somewhere.

Dianne said...

Sara, are you happy with an Australian $5 note in with my charms?

Sara said...

yes, dianne, no problem, i can take that! i hope be visiting australia sometime in the next 10 years! :-)