Thursday, January 4, 2007

Computer aches!!!!

Hi all, here I am once more after 3 days without computer!!

This time we noticed the problem was the router and we had to buy a new one and rearrange the whole codes...!!! i'm happy a friend of my son did all this!

I saw the most wonderful work you are doing and i love each square i saw!

Because I had no computer I could work on my squares, LOL. The problem is, I'm in both groups and I must do so many squares that I had to find a possibility of doing this in a rational form. Helen helped me with her idea and tomorrow I'm going to take a picture of the first row of my squares!



Helen Suzanne said...

good luck with 2 swaps!! "you have your work cut out for you" as my granny used to say (lol I think it was taken as - you've a lot to do and you can't make it any less but phrasing it like that sounds weird)

I'm enjoying the tiny size of these and think I will continue with some of the white and cream ones for myself at a later time and make a box from them

Sara said...

well, it was really odd that exactly 21 people wanted to do the swap! but now i'm not beginning one more if some more come! (i will give them the rules and they can host one!) :-)

the size is really challenging, the idea with the box is also a very good one! i want to do a house because i think i want to work with houses in the near future... i'm struggling with a new line of work.