Thursday, January 4, 2007

3rd and last group - colors

Now I have 7 new ladies ready to start the last group!


The chosen colors are:

Cathie: -turquoise-aqua-

Carol T: -gold-

Nina: -red/gold-

Kathy: -green-

Jamie: -purple-

Susan: -pink-

Judy: -turquoise-


Alicia said...

Tres grupos, que éxito Sara!!!
Felicidades ^__^

Alicia said...
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Dotee said...

3 groups!! Wow - how exciting that so many people want to be in your 1" swaps!!

Gunnels blog said...

Wow,three groups! Exciting to see all these 1x1!

Ulla said...

Hallo Sara,
kann ich noch mit einsteigen???
Ich finde die 1" sooo spannend
LG Ulla St

Sara said...

Hallo Ulla,

ich bin wirklich trostlos, wir sind schon wieder 7...
wenn du mir aber eine mail mit deiner emailadresse auf sendest, kann ich dich mit anderen vernetzen, die eventuell wieder eine gruppe bilden wollen. wäre es dir recht?
liebe grüsse,

Carol said...

Have you had all the colours from all 7 people now? I will send you the money in the envelope if that's ok. Also when is the deadline for the 3rd group?

Sara said...

i don't have all of them, although i know that the next one is green or gold (i asked the lady to be more specific! :-)), i miss one yet.

the deadline for the 3rd group is end of March 2007.

Nina In Norway said...

When will you start posting group 4? I believe thats where I am? I woluld love to get started.

Sara said...

no, nina, you are in group 3, and I already put your colors red/gold in this group!