Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Turquoise Aqua One inch squares by Judy for Group Three

My turquoise /aqua squares, gorgeous colour choice!!! Not biased at all, Jude xx

Purple Squares - Group Three

I loved making these. I made some handpainted, embossed and free motion embroidered fabric and am happy with the results. These still need work, as I need to finish off the edges. I would appreciate any advice from my fellow traders as to a few methods of nicely and neatly finishing off edges on these little critters.

Cathie's first attempt at art squares

Pink Squares for Group Three
Well, this is my first attempt at making 1x1 art squares. What fun!! These still need a bit of work - I need to clean up the edges. It's tough to sew those teeny tiny edges!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

a display board for license plate charms

this is a nice idea as a background! i found it in allison strine designs photos

Monday, January 29, 2007

Red and gold squares - group 3 - Carol's

This is my work for the red and gold colour for group3. The scan is a bit poor sorry, as I did quite a lot on the surface. Hence the red is not strong on the picture, but it is in the flesh. I did the background by doing stamping in expanding medium onto acrylic felt. I then sprinkled it with gold embossing powder and blasted it with the heat gun. This expanded the medium, made the embossing powder gold and melted back the felt. I free mcained this onto a gold taffeta background and then embellished with stitch, charms, beads, brads and wire. Hope you like them Nina! Love Carol T

Purple One Inch Squares for Group Three

Been having a bit of quiet time over the last two weeks but have been working away in my studio~ here are my purple squares embellished with fabric beads, crochet, beading, embroidery and patchwork. Jude xx

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Andrea's last set - YAY!

This is my last set for Group 2 - the white set.
It was great fun being involved in this and I really look forward to receiving other people's creations. Thanks to Sara for organising.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Andrea's white-beige set...

I'm getting close to the end of group 2's sets, only my own to go now....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Diving into the pool

These are my "maybes" for group 3 green. I guess I will need feedback as to whether I am headed in the correct direction. I sure did have fun in the doing.

work in progress for Group 3

I work with paperclay often and like how versatile it is so I thought I would make some of my embellishments. First photo is the "before" and the second is the "after'. I am too looking forward to where these lead me!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Andrea's Aqua squares Group 2

I'm slowly getting through them all - only 2 sets left for me to make now....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Carol T's pink squares - group 3

Hello all these are my efforts for group 3 pink, which was Susan's colour. I really enjoyed doing these as pink is not usually my colour, but my 3 year old DD loved picking out the buttons and bits for them. I used Dianne's cling film fabric as the base. I also tried to implement some of the stuff I had learned about detathed chain for TAST while I was at it. Love Carol

1"Art Squares - Blue (by Dianne)

Our own colour squares

Just wondering - when we post our squares off, do we post our own colour too?

1" Art Squares - White (by Dianne)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Andrea, plodding away for Group 2

Apologies for my absence, I have been busy finishing other projects and having computer problems, but here is my latest effort for group 2 - the orange set.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm Finished too !

I'm having a few computer problems just now....don't know when they will be finally fixed so haven't got time to write a full post but I'd like to thank everyone for the lovely comments and encouragement you've given me.Better go before the computer crashes ....again!

Done! all my 63 pieces! (by Gunnel)

My blue and green-turquoise (by Gunnel)

My blue!

And here the green-turqoise!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Green/Turqoise (by Dianne)

Only 27 squares to go!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Almost done


White and beige


I have to make one more set then I ame done

My finished squares.....

Here are my 63 finished squares for the group 2 swap.

I loved every minute of making these and will be a little sad to them go.
Thanks so much Sara for hosting 3 swaps so more of us could play!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Here are my first batch of squares, Gold, the colour I chose for group 3. I decided to do my own batch first as I had made up a background in gold for a postcard swap. I free machined and cabled over taffeta and felt as a backing. Then I blasted the felt with the heat tool, which made it shink, pulling lovely ripply textures. I loved doing the embellishments. Thanks for allowing me to join such a fab swap. Love Carol

Gold by Judy for Group Three

Here are my latest offerings ~ GOLD ~ wow it was so fabulous to work with this colour ~ I did free machine embroidery on water soluable fabric, I painted melted and free machined tyvek (brilliant fun), I trapped fibres and sewed on beads.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Red/pink combo-----asian inspired appliqued motifs, sequins, fabric bead(with funny face--i couldn't resist!) mini yo-yo puff, star sequin "waste", hand embroidered spider web, painted button, ruched dragonfly wing.


This one is a little "story"----froggie has laid her eggs and watches the bubbles and leaves to make sure they're all safe. She loves to see the turquoise sky above where as the moon rises, a bird sings lullabies to her and her new life.
This one is beaded, ribbons woven through soldering iron "cuts", and free motion squiggled.

I have only one set left to do now!!! I've learned a lot about trying new things, and experimenting with joy!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blue and a joke from Arlee

Anyone see the "joke"? :}

My lime green and aqua blue squares - I'm done!

These are my last squares for the 2nd group. What a fun project this has been!

I am well and truly hooked on textiles now. And am going to keep feeding the addiction!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My green squares - group 2

Here are my green squares for group 2. As green is one of my favorite colors I loved doing these.

White/Beige by Dianne

Here is my White/Beige - only 36 more to go!!!!

Colors for the 3rd group:

I wanted to remember you that the colors for the 3rd group are here

Now we have all of them and also the names of the participants in the 3rd group!

Monday, January 8, 2007




just joined

i have just joined this blog and am excited to be here. sara, thanks for spot to play and contribute. what i have seen on this blog is wonderful.

my orange squares

Here is my orange squares

Sunday, January 7, 2007

White/cream and White/beige from Arlee

These were difficult colours for me to work with also as i usually do deep and dramatic or in-your-face :} They were quite a learning curve for me because of this.
Sara's is made from some of my leftover "fabric paper"--i handpainted with Lumiere the leaves and vines, then added sequins held by beads to each square, increasing the number per square and co-ordinating the colourways chosen by the group i'm. The eighth square has "wild card" colours: tiny stripey beads, and the ninth has gold for her to thank her for inspiring us all!

On Beate's, i did a hand sewn void(hole) on one and pin tucked the entire base fabric before i started embellishing. There's handstitching, silk leaves, buttons, bundled threads and scrunched lace. I left one square plain to show off the simplicity of the colour and tucks.

My white and white/beige squares - group 2..

I found these colors the most challenging so far as they are different from my usual hues. But enjoyed working in these softer tones.
The top photo is of the white/beige squares and the bottom one is of the white squares.

Now onto lime green, green and aqua!

My 2nd batch of squares....

This is 2nd batch of squares. Color purple! Am truly addicted to making these and having lots of fun :)

? and !

First of all, i'm a little confused---am i supposed to be making squares for all three groups?

Second, i've finished my white/cream and white/beige squares but have to wait until the camera batteries are recharged to show you. I've been working with some dimension , voids and different media/techniques as these are perfect little trial runs--some are going in my visual journal as "samples". Can't just bead as that seems too easy for all of them :} !

Saturday, January 6, 2007

My first squares for 2nd group swap!!

I have been so inspired after seeing everyone's art that I started on my square's this weekend.

Here are my orange squares for the 2nd group swap.
When I hosted my 1" swap last year the participants use paper and card so it was a lovely challenge for me to use fabric. Textiles are a recent obsession but they are here to stay!

I had so much fun making these and am looking forward to making the other colors too.


And here is my beige-white. I think they are so very fun to do!