Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The rules are:

7 players

Each player selects their favorite color.

Then each player makes 9 of that color, and 9 each of every one else's chosen color. A total of 63 squares. (this means 1 x 9 in your color and 6 x 9 in the other chosen colors - that means :

Example :

for Player 1 (that's you!) : 9 orange

for Player 2 : 9 cream

for Player 3 : 9 cream (he/she also choosed cream)

for Player 4 : 9 sepia

for Player 5 : 9 green

for Player 6 : 9 purple

for Player 7 : 9 purple (he/she also choosed purple)

All squares go to hostess who sorts them into colors. Each player gets back 63 squares of their original chosen color. You can sew them together as in the picture I showed you or you can do something else with them, I think i'm going to do a small house, come 3D thing!.

You can repeat the themes in the different colors.


arlee said...

I'm still not quite clear on the colour choices for each! Am i orange or is everyone?

Sara said...
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Sara said...

i only have two color choices at the moment: blue and beige-white. you can any other one you like (or repeat a color, you must get the one you like!). will it be orange? gunnel has blue and i have beige-white. if you have orange i'll put you on the list with this one. please tell me, but you are free to choose any color you like!

arlee said...