Friday, December 15, 2006

Poll/encuesta: only textiles or some paper mixed media collages allowed?

The question of Dianne opened the door for some considerations...
The swap of Dot was made mainly of small collages, like the ones used for ths ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) in paper and mixed media. Because of that the result was a very interesting one.

We want our work to be a textile one, but:

should we allow collages made on a background of cardstock, wallpaper, etc?

I would like this to add more interest and contrast while most of the pieces are made out of textile materials.

There is also a way of achieving this look using only textiles. I use Pelmet (Craft) Vilene or fabric with some interfacing (vellón?) underneath to make the piece more sturdy.

What do you think about this? Please answer in the blog!


Alicia said...

Hola, creo entender que os estais planteando utilizar otros materiales como soporte.
Como a te comenté yo realizo mis collages sobre papel (de acuarela normalmente) justamente como en el swap de Dot aunque quizas no sea papel de acuarela exactamente, en tecnica mixta, te entendí que no era inconveniente a que el objetivo era que se pudiera coser y el papel permite esa opción.

Espero que no sea ahora un inconveniente ya que personalmente no tengo experiencia alguna, ni material apropiado para llevar a cabo el swap si es necesario utilizar únicamente telas material textil :(

Gunnels blog said...

I am a textile-person and will do it in textile! But with some interfacing to make it sturdy. But I think we could add some paper or nonwoven material on top of it, if we would going to do it more intresting. Or buttons, beads, charms or what ewer. But I think the MOST will be fabric, fiber, thread , yarn etc

And a QUSTIONS: should we not do a simple binding like a satinstitch for example, will the edge be raw??

One idea is to after we have got all the pieces is to glue them fast on a paper card, so it will be a collage?!? like Dots.

Sara said...

you can do all of them in textile. that's your art. and you can do a satinstitch if you are happy with it because you know your work and what is better for it!
the main thing is that the color and the size will unify the whole picture, so that there is no "wrong" or "right" thing to do.
each of us can mount the pieces as he likes at the end of the swap.
they are made of fiber materials (paper is also fiber) which you can sew with the sewing machine. if some of them are too thick, you can glue them with fabric glue so that they stay in place.
if you have more questions i will be happy to answer!

Beate said...

Yesterday I made my first try. to day my Dog is a little bit sick, so I do not have time.
Ours Pieces are so little, But I cut ever piece in shape - it looks nice.
I'll made my Pieces almost from fabric.

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi, I agree with Gunnel. I would do my base for each tile in fabric with some stiff interfacing underneath. Possibly I will put some handmade paper into the layers but it will be mostly fibres and stitch and some beads. I like the idea of putting my finished collection on card but have also thought I would like to mount them on a stretched canvas. I will finish each tile with a satin stitch as I do with my postcards (sometimes the satin stitch will be holding down very fluffy cording).

arlee said...

I think i'll do a combination of paper and textile, but mostly textile--am quite fancying "fabric paper" right now and heat effects so that may show up too :} And lots of beading and embellishing! As for edge finishes, depending on the piece i may satin stitch, leave raw or make as teeny faced 'appliques"--the possibilities with this are endless----and being small means i/we can try LOTS of new and different things!!!

arlee said...

Oh, and i'd like my squares not sewn to anything or each other to begin with--i have an idea , several ideas actually on how to put them together/display them!

arlee said...

¡Alicia---i se placería tener sus cuadrados en papel si usted no es cómodo con los textiles!

Dianne said...

Well, I was thinking of mounting mine on a painted stretched canvas like Helen. I will probably make my squares with fabric, or Sara's idea of pelment vilene is a good one. I will most likely finish my edges off with stitching of some kind too - or maybe solder the edges (now that's a good idea, I just thought of that.

Sara said...

after reading all these mails i think we can trust the decision of each participant because -due to the size of the squares- all possibilities will give a nice result when put together!

like arlee said to alicia, do what you feel comfortable with!