Friday, December 15, 2006

How I start off

Usually I go to my sketchbooks and I mostly begin with a face. I must always put some kind of figure somewhere and after that the whole thing takes its course...

Well, I forgot to tell that I like to do the fabric myself as a background for the scene that evolves on it. The problem with me is that i seldom can think abstract and this is perhaps because i wanted to be a writer before i emigrated to and married in Austria in the 70's. I couldn't for years write a word in German, so that all the stories of my imagination were buried somewhere and emerged years later as i began to work with fabric...

Now this time the challenge is that if I begin with a face, I have no place to put something more on the square! LOL i will have to do pictograms!! :-)))

I think I will use some backgrounds I have and see if they talk to me. The idea of keeping a kind of diary of the process appeals to me, I'll give it a try!

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