Friday, December 15, 2006

getting inspired

Hi, Nice to meet you all here. We've got a good range of colours to work with and I'm excited by the challenge of making "tiny". Thought that I'd add a bit more colour to the blog with some pics of my stash that I've been looking into for inspiration - my leftover "cut off's" from other pieces and one of the boxes of yarn which I've collected. I find blog pics good to look through so would very much like seeing our pieces developing. How do you all start off? Do you just "get stuck in" or go to sketches and photo's for inspiration?... I tend to just dive in but think I will make a little journey to share so you can see some of my thoughts that go into my making - all the more fun in sharing.

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Sara said...

thanks, helen, with putting color into the blog and sharing your thoughts about the process. this is such a nice thing to do and i'm going to try to do this too. it's going to be quite a challenge for me because it involves slowing down, taking photographs, etc. which is rather difficult for me because i tend to work in a state where i forget everything around me till i'm done! this is perhaps something i can learn from this swap! thanks for the motivation!!