Saturday, December 30, 2006

your are so busy.........

oh, you all are so busy, and are doing so lovely small art pieces! I even haven´t started yet!!!! I had have my family around me, my children and grandchildren. It is wondeerful, but will take all my time! So I wait until all the holidays are over, and I will start to create then!

A happy and creative new year!

My First 1" Squares

Here's my purple squares from yesterday.

a question

Are you all finishing the backs? I realized some people are showing both sides; mine have thread snarls and tangles and knots on the back! Should i be finishing them?

Purple/Magenta and Orange by Dianne (updated versions)

I added some more to my purple/magenta and orange squares, as I thought they needed a bit more to draw the eye.

Friday, December 29, 2006

...Made a Start.

...Made a start at last ,but it was too dark to take a decent picture.Will try to upload one tomorrow.It's great to see how busy you have been and lovely that all the squares are so different. When I got to work, at first I didn't know where to start but now I keep having more ideas.
I've been trying to think of what I'm going to do with the lime green squares when they all arrive. Sara mentioned making hers into a house .Does anyone else have ideas for displaying their finished squares?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Group 2 Green from Andrea

Why is it that photos and scanners never do anything justice?
These sad looking samples look much richer and more sparkly in real life, especially the gold leaf charm (top right) - oh well, best that I can do right now for you all, hopefully the recipient will enjoy them more 'in the flesh'.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Purple-Group 2 - from Andrea

Group 2 - Purple. Lots of attachments again...
Boy, do I make work for myself!

Purple/Magenta and Orange (from Dianne)

Purple/Magenta (Arlee style :})

These are so much fun to do!!!!! I'm digging things out of boxes that i forgot i had---or didn't know what to do with before :}
You will no doubt notice that while my squares fall within the 1" square parameter, they are all slightly off, size wise-----you know me and the rules! I hope this doesn't bother the recipients as they are still quite small, the differences being eighths of inches :}

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

White from Emmy

Mixed media the white 1x1

Orange and Green from Emmy

The orange 9-1-inch and the Lime green 1 inch

The 4th color, blue. From Alicia

Monday, December 25, 2006

Yuletide wishes

Hope you all have a great festive season and that as this year starts anew it is filled with vigor and inspiration for all your creative endevours.

Best Wishes
Helen Suzanne

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The 3th color, red/pink from Alicia

The second color (beige) from Alicia

My 1st attemp from Alicia (1st group)

This is my frist work for the 1" x 1" art squares swap. I hope you like it. ^__^
Merry Christmas. Alicia

Saturday, December 23, 2006

1st attempt from Andrea for group 2

Not sure if I'm 'on the right track', as I've made all of these on 1" squares of fabric and then they've been heavily embellished, making them very 3D, so I'd like some feedback please?

I've spent over 1/2 hr trying to (a) get a decent photo/scan, and (b) work out how to upload it - I guess I need some practise!

Have a great Xmas everybody and here's to lots of creativity in 2007!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fabric, paper, card


You can use any material you can sew through!! it is important that each participant uses the technique he feels at ease with! you could try to do some fabric ones just to push yourself into new horizons!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Colors group 2

Laura ADATA -orange-:

Julia -lime green-:

Sara -white/beige-:

Cathy -purple-:

Emmy -green-:

Andrea -white-:

Dot -aqua blue-:

Monday, December 18, 2006

Problems with my computer, now i'm back!

I don't know if you noticed (hope not! :-)) but I had 2 whole days no internet!! What a terrible thing to happen! I noticed how much i depend on it. I thought it was the server but it was something else, my son managed to repair it.
You have done so many wonderful squares already and i'm waiting for the inspiration yet...
I wanted to inform the ladies of the second group about this. I am going to enable the ones who already signed in to post in the blog.
see you later!

Nine Lives

Here's my first batch done! These could become as addicting as ATC's and postcards! I love the speed and simplicity in creating these! In this grouping i used raw silk, a burnt out fuse, a capacitor, washers, zipper pulls and found metal objects, then "reframed" the sqaures in the nine patch piece that some of the orange base was cut from. I'm planning a few other "clutches" like this as well :}

PS I also started a Flickr group for these----by invitation so let me know if you are interested!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My first try

OK, I want to dare and divide my first results with you

Second Group joined!

Now we have a second group doing this same swap. There were so many ladies wanting to participate who were so disappointed to have missed the swap!

As I don't want to write everything once more, I told them to look into this blog so that they can read the questions and answers we already had.

I don't think that it's going to be a problem to let them write in this blog if they have some more questions. I'm the one who must keep the swap squares apart when they arrive to order them to the respective group. That's the only difference, I think.

It can be also a very interesting thing to see more pictures and possibilities.

If someone has a very good argument why i should create a new blog for the new swap, please tell me!! I hope you don't though!! it would be double work for me!! :-)

My Inspiration

Yesterday were in the post 2 new issues of a textile artist and when I looked through them, I was so inspired that I immediately had to begin with a work. Then I have got big desire to work on the small pieces for our Swap. They are really very small - however, I like it. I also like the colours which are given and now I ask myself, should I already show here what I do for the Swap, or not?

Friday, December 15, 2006


Even before this swap, i'd been starting to work smaller. I'm finding infinite possibilities in detail and am loving the tiny "canvas" it presents. This means (for me, at least!) that each piece says more---the "story" gets told with effect, with little extraneous detail.

I've been looking at my fabrics in new ways--instead of vast yardages, i'm concentrating on small areas of colour gradation or pattern. Looking through my bead/junk/found object/mixed media stash has presented me with a lot of "OOOOO i can use *that* here!"----all the bits and odd things i've accumulated that don't "match" anything else are perfect for this swap!

I don't plan on stopping after i've done all the squares for this swap!

How I start off

Usually I go to my sketchbooks and I mostly begin with a face. I must always put some kind of figure somewhere and after that the whole thing takes its course...

Well, I forgot to tell that I like to do the fabric myself as a background for the scene that evolves on it. The problem with me is that i seldom can think abstract and this is perhaps because i wanted to be a writer before i emigrated to and married in Austria in the 70's. I couldn't for years write a word in German, so that all the stories of my imagination were buried somewhere and emerged years later as i began to work with fabric...

Now this time the challenge is that if I begin with a face, I have no place to put something more on the square! LOL i will have to do pictograms!! :-)))

I think I will use some backgrounds I have and see if they talk to me. The idea of keeping a kind of diary of the process appeals to me, I'll give it a try!

getting inspired

Hi, Nice to meet you all here. We've got a good range of colours to work with and I'm excited by the challenge of making "tiny". Thought that I'd add a bit more colour to the blog with some pics of my stash that I've been looking into for inspiration - my leftover "cut off's" from other pieces and one of the boxes of yarn which I've collected. I find blog pics good to look through so would very much like seeing our pieces developing. How do you all start off? Do you just "get stuck in" or go to sketches and photo's for inspiration?... I tend to just dive in but think I will make a little journey to share so you can see some of my thoughts that go into my making - all the more fun in sharing.

Poll/encuesta: only textiles or some paper mixed media collages allowed?

The question of Dianne opened the door for some considerations...
The swap of Dot was made mainly of small collages, like the ones used for ths ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) in paper and mixed media. Because of that the result was a very interesting one.

We want our work to be a textile one, but:

should we allow collages made on a background of cardstock, wallpaper, etc?

I would like this to add more interest and contrast while most of the pieces are made out of textile materials.

There is also a way of achieving this look using only textiles. I use Pelmet (Craft) Vilene or fabric with some interfacing (vellón?) underneath to make the piece more sturdy.

What do you think about this? Please answer in the blog!

Seam allowances

Dianne asked about seam allowances. This is a good question. After studying the pictures uploaded by Dot, the lady who organized the first swap, I just realized that some of the squares are small collages made on different materiales (like aquarell paper, wallpapers, etc.)
Some others are stitcheries with the edges open -no seam allowances- (you can see that, and I think that there are not so many textile pieces after all!)
So the answer to this question is "no seam allowances"! this lets the piece look more textile and throuws interesting shadows on the background. The piece is 1"x1" (2,5cmx2,5cm) without counting the loose threads of the edge!
This raises a question which I'm going to answer in the next post (please, read the mail above this one!).

Thursday, December 14, 2006

don't forget there are other colours!

Just wanted to remember you that even if the main colour is the chosen colour, you are allowed to use small bits of other matching colours in the little tiles! contrast is always good!

Looking at Dotees collage swap

I have been looking at Dotee Frankstons 1" collage swap, and I can´t understand so much each little 1"x1" could have. These are so lovely I think! It must be mini-mini things on it?? This is so excating, I will start now. But so much have to be done before.....My grandchildren-babytwins christening on sunday, the christmas, and the fabric charms swap..........but I can think and do a plan in my head!

Fun to play with you!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

9 different designs - how I plan to do the work

I just realized that -for the ones who don't have much time to spend on drafting- only 9 different designs would be enough to fulfill the goal.

You can do each of them 7 times in the different colors of the participants and
trara!! you have already all 63!!

This means -at least for me- I only have to sit 7 times at the sewing machine and do a batch at a time.

That's the way I plan it and I wanted to share this with you all. Perhaps it's of some help for somebody!

(Sorry, I corrected the quantity once more! mathematics are quite tricky!! thanks, Alicia for letting me know!)

Photos upload

Somebody asked if we are allowed to show our squares before the end of the swap.

I have no problems with it, i think this blog would be more interesting and we could help each other with ideas evolving from somebody else's ideas...

Is it ok for you?

Color chart

Helen Suzanne -green/turquoise-:

Arlee -orange-:

Dianne -red/pink-:

Beate -white/cream-:

Sara -beige/white:

Gunnel -blue-:

Alicia -magenta/purpur-:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some changes

Please read once more the themes and answers in case you are unsure about something. I changed some answers and comments because of the feedback i got about some themes!

Some considerations...

I think the squares are going to be more interesting if we do them like very small pictures (that's the challenge!) more than abstract ones. . Of course, if you are more at ease working abstract, please do. I mean, it would be nice if they have at least some dot or line or whatever, so that the eye can wander through the whole piece. We are very democratic here! you can share your point of view and everyone can decide what to do at the end!

You can do many different things with the squares when they're ready. You can sew them together like in the picture of Dotee but you could also use them for other mountings.
I'm playing with the idea of mounting them as a house. You could use other forms like shrines, boxes, whatever...

It is easier to do the same small picture 9 times in the different colors as imagining 63 different ones!! If you want to do 63 different ones, you're allowed to do it (and you get my blessings for doing this extra work!:-)

You can work on paper or fabric or non-wovens, or whatever you can sew through!! but keep it mostly textile!

Please add to this considerations, we can help each other with ideas!!

Chosen colors

Gunnel: blue

Sara: cream-white

Alicia: magenta/purpur

You can see how other colors look like at Dotee's Blog


The deadline would be the 28th of February. Is it ok for you?

List of participants

At this moment the participants are:

Arlee Barr, Canada

Gunnel Svensson
, Sweden

Alicia, Spain

Beate Knappe, Germany

Sara Lechner
, Austria

Dianne McGrath/FairyDi, Australia

helen suzanne alexander
, Great Britain, Isle of Lewis

All participants come from different countries! what a fun!


The rules are:

7 players

Each player selects their favorite color.

Then each player makes 9 of that color, and 9 each of every one else's chosen color. A total of 63 squares. (this means 1 x 9 in your color and 6 x 9 in the other chosen colors - that means :

Example :

for Player 1 (that's you!) : 9 orange

for Player 2 : 9 cream

for Player 3 : 9 cream (he/she also choosed cream)

for Player 4 : 9 sepia

for Player 5 : 9 green

for Player 6 : 9 purple

for Player 7 : 9 purple (he/she also choosed purple)

All squares go to hostess who sorts them into colors. Each player gets back 63 squares of their original chosen color. You can sew them together as in the picture I showed you or you can do something else with them, I think i'm going to do a small house, come 3D thing!.

You can repeat the themes in the different colors.

Hi, all!!

This blog is for the organization of this swap. The photograph is from one swap organized by Dotee Frankston from Victoria, Australia

Here you can ask all your questions, upload photographs, read the rules, etc.

I'm working on it! Please visit the blog once in a while to see what's happening!